Pokémon Enthusiasts Showcase Their Charming Ash, Gary, Professor Oak, and Nurse Joy Costumes

On Twitter, a group of Pokemon fans shared their best costumes of characters from the iconic anime series.

The costume of Pokemon characters is extremely exact.

Sofie Kruger (@Mary_Bones_Art), a German artist, has shared a photo of her and four friends dressed in the role of Ash Ketchum the famous trainer, Professor Oak the golden oldie, Nurse Joy, the generous caregiver as well as Gary the sly rival. The outfits look like they were taken straight from the Pokemon anime. Particular features, like Oak’s bushy eyebrows and Ash’s cheeks, that zigzag, take the cosplay up to another level.

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The other highlights include an adorable Umbreon that is perched on Gary’s shoulders, as well as a sign that reads “Are you a Boy or a Girl?” Nurse Joy’s hair is well-styled, Ash Ketchum is armed with a Pokeball and the group of four appears as they’ve walked right out of Pallet Town. The iconic characters are a popular choice for Pokemon cosplayers due to their nostalgia factor and are widely known among the franchise’s fan base which has a variety.

Kruger’s own Nurse Joy outfit is her first attempt at cosplay, which makes it an amazing debut on the scene. Kruger also blogs about her work in the form of fantasy and writes frequently on social media.

Pokemon fans are not averse to coming up with inventive cosplays. Past offerings such as the two-person Arceus costume made in Japan and an elegant reimagining of Trubbish, a trash bag Pokemon popularized by cosplayer Mink the Satyr. The series’ voice actors have even gotten involved in the scene of cosplay as well, with Pokemon Master Journey‘s talent Yui Ogura impressing viewers with her gym-leader Marnie cosplay.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Could Add Evolution Fans Needed for Many Years

Pokemon is currently in its 25th season. It’s referred to as Pokemon Master Journeys and has been at the top of popularity since 1997. While the franchise has played around with the idea of introducing new protagonists, most of the series continues to feature Ash Ketchum as their main character. Each series includes Ketchum moving to a different region, catching a team of fresh Pokemon and participating in different fitness challenges.

There are eight different generations of Pokemon video games, with the latest game in the series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, expected later this year. The game is the first game with an open-world design to be included in the mainline collection which was inspired by the success of the spin-off Pokemon Legends: Arceus released in January. The anticipation of fans has reached an all-time high before Scarlet and Violet’s release with a myriad of leaks, including new Pokedex entries being posted via social media. Pokemon Scarlet and violet’smap have also been reported to have been leaked in recent weeks, seemingly confirming that the game will take place in Spanish.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022

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