Nintendo Direct Reveals Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Final Trailer Release

The final Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer shows Chris Pratt and Seth Rogen getting powered up for their adventure.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie premiere is less than a year away. Nintendo released the final trailer for Super Mario Bros. Movie during a Mario Day Direct presentation. This movie continues to hold great promise and is sure to please fans.

Although it’s not Mario’s next entry Nintendo Switch owners had been waiting for Super Mario Odyssey HTML1, Illumination’s animated feature has won lots of goodwill due to how great the Mushroom Kingdom (and its inhabitants) look in every preview. This teaser, however, is no exception. The excitement surrounding this new Super Mario Bros. movie proves to be contagious. Even Pedro Pascal was unable to resist taking the challenge of Mario as he hosted Saturday Night Live last year.

As previous Super Mario Bros. Movie trailers it’s light on comedy. Yet, having a Luma start with an extremely dark monologue is something neither Luigi nor the Penguin Kings could have predicted. The 2D platforming section features Mario and Donkey Kong with authentic Mario powerups. The highlight of Rainbow Road’s new look is Mario channeling his inner Dominic Toretto.

There are many Mario easter Easter eggs to be found in this presentation, including the most memorable Mario 64 melody. However, it is difficult to beat the novelty and fun of a fire DK. Aaron Horvath as well as Michael Jelenic, the directors, were there. The presentation was void of any game announcements as per usual. This dispelled any rumors suggesting that a new Mario video game might be announced in conjunction with the plumber’s return.

We will say it simply: this Super Mario Bros. adventure won’t deliver much in the way of the story. The movie is still full of the same colorful charm that Nintendo fans love. But that doesn’t mean the Super Mario movie won’t be revolutionary on its terms. Mario will rescue Luigi and Princess Peach this time. The film’s creators have also transformed Princess Peach into an ally who is powerful.

Chris Pratt’s voice acting was the main thing that hinders this Super Mario Bros. movie. This casting decision has many fans still expressing their dismay in the comments almost half a year later. To be sure, Charles Martinet fans will have something to laugh at once the movie opens.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is due to be released on April 7, 20,23.

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