Uncanny Resemblance: The Walking Dead Cosplayer Transforms into Daryl with a Lifelike Norman Reedus Mask

A cosplay of the Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon displays a fan’s craftsmanship in mask-making through an creepy Norman Reedus mask.

A fan with talent has captured the look of Norman Reedus, star of The Walking Dead in a series photographs wearing a shockingly authentic mask.

The actor had a black long-sleeved t-shirt with a leather vest and the character’s iconic attire. To make it even more impressive the outfit comes with a fake crossbow, which is similar to Daryl’s famous weapon from the original series. The cosplayer also plans to reuse the Reedus mask to make the actor look like Sam Porter Bridges from the popular video game Death Stranding.

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Daryl Dixon’s French Connection

Following the conclusion of The Walking Dead ended its 11-season run in November of last year, Reedus geared up to reprise Daryl Dixon in his very own self-titled spinoff of AMC’s long-running horror series, which is still currently in production in France. The show is created by Scott M. Gimple and Angela who have stepped in as co-creators and executive producers. Alongside him are franchise newcomers Clemence Poesy and Adam Nagaitis, who are being considered for their respective roles as female lead Isabelle as well as nightclub owner Quinn. The first pictures of the set of Daryl Dixon offered viewers the first glimpse at Poesy’s Isabelle and teased her role in Daryl’s story arc.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will feature Daryl in a whole new setting as he finds himself in France with no memory of how and why the circumstances led him to Europe. In a previous interview, Reedus revealed how his show will begin a new chapter in The Walking Dead franchise. Reedus said that “You learn a lot when you run an entire show over the course of 12 years. There are some paths one has to take because of the large audience.” “We don’t really have that in the United States. It’s a new beginning for us, with all the things we loved doing, and many more.”

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The Walking Dead Expands its Universe

AMC is currently producing two more Walking Dead spinoffs which are also led by characters who are loved by fans of the main series. The Walking Dead : Dead City, which will air in June 2023, before Daryl Dixon debuts later this summer and will begin an entirely new chapter in the expanding universe of the series. The spinoff that will bring back Lauren Cohan as well as Jeffrey Dean Morgan revolves around the unlikely couple of Maggie and Negan who are on a dangerous journey to post-apocalyptic Manhattan. The Walking Dead will bring back the long-awaited reunion of Rick Grimes with Michonne, in 2024. The drama is yet to be named and features Andrew Lincoln and Danai Guarira.

In addition to the three shows that are coming up, Gimple also revealed that work on additional Walking Dead projects has started in preparation for the next stage of the franchise. “This year… is about focusing on these classic character shows, but also, we’re still wrapping up [the spinoff series] Fear the Walking Dead,” he said. “And we have other projects that have been in the pipeline also. We’re working on getting the next stage of construction ready.”

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