The Boys Approves of This Terrifyingly Accurate Gender-Swapped Homelander Cosplay

The Boys’ Twitter account likes a perfect cosplay gender-swapping the man who can do whatever he likes, Homelander The homicidal leader of the Seven.

Boys” seal of approval for this gender-neutral Homelander costume.

A cosplayer who goes by the handle @itsbellaxrose on Twitter posted photos of her dressed as the leader of the Seven who is the main antagonist of the Prime Video superhero series. The caption of her post reads “I’m Homelander & I can do whatever I would like,” a reference to one of the most famous lines in the series. The Boys‘ Twitter account liked the post, but it also drew the interest of the “world’s greatest superhero” himself.

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Then, the cosplayer shared her home country outfit and captioned the post “You guys are the true heroes,” another iconic phrase spoken by Antony Starr. Starr liked the post. The costume includes all the Superman similar features, including his blue suit, red-and-white stripes cape, red gloves, collars with gold accents, and golden eagle shoulder pads.

Homelander was written by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson for The Boys comic series first released by WildStorm Productions and later by Dynamite Entertainment. Homelander first appeared in The Boys #3, despite being referenced in the very first issue. The comics showcase the brutality of Homelander and his murderous ways by illustrating various acts. ) However, the Prime Video series’ adaptation has given him a fair share of gruesome moments.

The show’s protagonist Homelander is seen robbing his wife Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), and Becca (Shantel VanSanten), something he was later proved innocent of in the comics, unlike the show’s adaptation. He utilized his heat vision before Season 3 to murder a top executive of Vought International, the company that produces superheroes. He also killed several Vought soldiers. The newest season raises the stakes by transforming him into a “homicidal madman” as per the show’s creator Eric Kripke, and Homelander is seen threatening the suicide of a person in the form of an apparent version of the All-Star Superman as well as killing other supers and asserting the power over Vought for example. the many of his actions in this season.

The cosplayer shown is active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok at the same handle (@itsbellaxrose) for each platform. Prime Video now offers Seasons 1, and 2, as well as the initial six T He Boys episodes. New episodes are released each Friday.

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