Naruto Fans Call Out Black Clover For Copying the Sharingan

Naruto fans are furious at newly released images from Black Clover that reveal an eye pattern strikingly similar to Sasuke’s famous sharingan.

Black Clover is being criticized by Naruto fans who claim that they are copying Masashi Kishimoto’s beloved shonen.

This was initially reported by Anime Senpai. After images from the new chapter were published online, there was a flood of plagiarism accusations. One panel shows a character gaining new powers by displaying a comma-shaped symbol within their eyes, which closely resembles Sasuke’s Sharingan. This image was the inspiration for many social media posts bashing Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover creator and his popular series.

Tabata isn’t the only one to be criticized for stealing Naruto. Kishimoto fans pointed out that there were other instances when Tabata crossed the line between theft and inspiration. One Twitter user shared several images of Naruto compared to Black Clover that showed close similarities between the manga. He wrote, “I’m utterly disappointed tabata. Or should I say capybara? Because he continues disrespecting Kishimoto.”

The Real-World History of the Tomoe

It is important to note that Sasuke’s Sharingan symbol was not invented by Kishimoto. The Tomoe comes from Japanese mythology and has been around for thousands of years. This was used by Black Clover supporters to defend Tabata. One posted a chart with the various Tomoe symbols, noting that Sasuke “literally Kurapika” is a character from Hunter who has a similar motivation and background.

Yuki Tabata launched the Black Clover manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2015. It quickly became a huge hit with readers. There are more than 18 million copies worldwide of the 33 volumes of the series compiled volumes as of November 2022. Pierrot’s anime adaptation was popular and aired for 170 episodes before it concluded in March 2021. The first feature-length movie in the franchise, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is currently in production. However, its original premiere date of June 16 has been delayed by problems due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Naruto, and Black Clover both are available in English at VIZ Media.

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