How Marvel Brought the Original Carnage, Cletus Kasady, Back to Life

Deadpool and Carnage are Back [SPOILER]

Wade Wilson, who was previously infected by a piece of the Carnage symbiote makes an unexpected return to a major Marvel in Deadpool #4.

This article contains spoilers about Deadpool #4. It is available now at Marvel.

Cletus Kasady emerges unexpectedly from Wade Wilson after he has been infected by a piece of Carnage the symbiote found in Marvel’s Deadpool#4.

Deadpool#4 is written by Alyssa Woong, Martin Coccolo, and Neeraj Menon. Joe Sabino is the letterer VC. Wade was injected earlier in the series with a piece of Carnage symbiote when he was kidnapped and taken to the Harrower on a mission of assassinating Doctor Otto Octavius/Doc Ock. The symbiote gave Wade many unusual powers such as extra limbs or other surprising extremities.

Deadpool#4 Wade’s symbiote turns into a gigantic creature roughly the size of a bus. This happens after Harrower has separated Deadpool from the chemical stabilizers he keeps in his backpack. While screaming “Mommy!” the symbiote makes its way back to Harrower. Wade is attached to the symbiote’s back. Harrower then creates a huge flower in which Carnage and its host are trapped. The issue ends with the flower hatching and the reveal of Cletus Kasady (Carange’s long-time host). It’s great to be back! Cletus triumphantly proclaims the victory on the last page.

Cletus’ Return, Carnage’s Ongoing Series

Cletus’ fate will be revealed in Deadpool#5 on March 29th. However, this Cletus could be different than the Cletus that plays a significant role in Carnage’s ongoing Marvel series. Cletus was separated from Carnage, presumed dead in the Extreme Carnage event of 2021. Carnagehas witnessed Cletus’ voice mysteriously infect Jonathan Shayde’s mind, who has been following the symbiote since then and just became its new host. Carnage#8 was revealed by Ram V, Roge Antonio, and further confirmed Cletus’ connection with his childhood home St. Estes Orphanage in a literal sense. He “melded with” the place upon his rebirth.

Deadpool#5’s synopsis reads: “CARNAGE BREAKS LOSE!” Did we forget to mention that Wade had Carnage growing within him? It is. Wade is tired of riding along with Wade. He WANTS OUT NOW. Wade, you’re about to be ripped a new one!

Deadpool#4 has cover art by Coccolo, and Menon, and variant cover artwork by Nic Klein and Todd Nauck, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Mike McKone. Marvel is selling the issue now.

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