The Benefits of Having a Female Lead in the Pokémon Anime: A Fan’s Perspective

Liko is the first female protagonist in the Pokemon anime. Here’s the positive impact such a move could have on the series.

Pokemon has gained many fans over the past twenty-five years. The fans are of all ages and genders and are from all over the world. Because the series has been running for many years, it’s no wonder it’s a hit with many people. However, Pokemon is yet to find out more about the female protagonist.

With the announcement of two new characters, Liko and Roy, there’s no doubt that many new fans will join the fandom. This is why the Pokémon franchise will benefit from adding a female protagonist.

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Liko provides female fans with an approachable MC

Once the new Pokemon anime officially is shown on TV in Japan and the West, Liko has the potential to be relatable for women who are Pokemon fans. Liko, unlike Ash, is expected to be the primary character. This means that her goals and dreams will not be snubbed for the sake of her male counterpart, thereby showing the audience they are more than just Ash Ketchum’s substitutes.

As of now, Liko is a blank page for fans. They can think of her goals, their hopes for her character, and the kind of Pokemon they would like to see her have. Because the anime is brand new and no information has been released about the two protagonists fans can speculate what their plans and goals are based on the plot of the games. The fans of Pokemon Scarlet, Violet, and the Pokemon mainline video games are excited by the new developments. The Pokemon franchise has also hasn’t focused on a female protagonist or character who takes part in battles at the gym and has the intention of pursuing the Pokemon league.

Iris may be included in this group due to her being the Pokemon League Champion for the Unova Region. However, Iris’s battles were not shown on screen. They were not able to watch the battles or watch Iris and her team progress as she successfully pursued her dream and was crowned league champion. It will be thrilling for viewers when Liko decides to go after the Pokemon League and become champion of the Paldea Region. As the series progresses viewers will be able to see Liko as well as her team grow, much like Ash. The anime’s gym directors and coordinators are amazing and loved and respected, it would be fascinating to see a female leader follow Ash’s example.

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Liko’s Goals Willn’t Be Left Out

There have already been many important women and girls throughout Ash’s journey in the Pokemon series. They were frequently abandoned as Ash tried to reach his goals. Liko’s goals and ambitions will be at the forefront of the anime, alongside Roy’s. This means Roy and Liko should, hopefully, receive equal attention and progress in their character.

The female characters of shonen anime, such as Pokémon, are not treated equally to their male counterparts. Certain creators create female characters too powerful and/or emotional, leading to them being called “Mary Sues” by their fans. Although it’s not a bad idea to focus on relationships or make female leads that are too strong, however, the majority of viewers find these traits boring and boring. Liko is a possibility to give fans a likable intriguing, fascinating, and fresh heroine. She may also give viewers an idol to admire as a positive female role model for young girls.

After watching Ash’s adventures over the years, it would be interesting to have a male protagonist in the Pokemon anime. Female protagonists would bring exciting and fresh stories for fans to look forward to. Although boys and girls don’t have to be distinct, certain social norms affect each gender. The fans might be interested to observe how the show portrays Liko concerning the male lead, Roy. It’s interesting to note that at the moment there are a lot of Pokemon fans who are more attracted to Liko than Roy.

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Liko vs Ash – Which is the better protagonist?

It doesn’t matter how many new followers the latest Pokemon series has, old fans will still compare the new series to the older anime seasons. That means there will be fans who would like to compare Liko with the beloved Ash Ketchum. Fans can’t make a comparison between Ash and Liko since there is little information available about the latest Pokémonanime. To discuss and debate, there is insufficient information regarding Liko or Roy.

This idea may not be appealing to all fans, but it might spark a discussion between fans. If Liko decides to pursue gym battles and her ultimate goal is to challenge the Pokemon League, then many older fans can compare her motivations with Ash. The comparisons can quickly become old but as long as the arguments are made in good faith, the discussion can be very informative and offer valuable insights into the characters.

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