Naruto: Minato’s Sage Mode May Not Be a Plot Hole

Fans are not happy with Minato’s Sage Mode. It is filled with plot holes and is controversial. But there is a reason he can use it perfectly.

Naruto is a classic shonen movie, but it’s riddled with plot holes and questions that remain unanswered. One example is Minato’s ability to use Sage Mode in war, despite not having received any training at Mount Myoboku. Minato does not activate his ability, despite the danger to his family’s lives. He dies shortly after. Minato does not use Sage Mode during his fight against Obito or Kurama, even though he knew it would improve his chances of winning. Sage Mode is a complex skill that takes many years to master, and Minato is not able to spend too much time at Mount Myoboku with his studies or during the ongoing war.

Minato’s tragic end is a tragedy. He seals half of Kuramas chakra in himself, and half in Naruto using the Death Reaper Jutsu. He suddenly learns to use Sage Mode in the Fourth Great Ninja War. This is something that Jiraya couldn’t do. Despite all the confusion surrounding this plot development, Minato is likely to have Sage Mode. Minato was not alive when this ability was discovered, but it is possible in Minato’s reanimated form.

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How does Minato’s Sage Mode work?

Minato’s vast chakra reserves allow him to use Senjutsu (Sage Jutsu), and Mount Myoboku. He can also enter Sage Mode, further improving his techniques. His great control of chakra allows him to display the orange pigmentation surrounding his eyes during wartime, giving the appearance of a Sage. Minato says that he doesn’t use Sage Jutsu because it takes him too long to build the chakra necessary to enter Sage Mode. He also has trouble maintaining the form.

Why doesn’t Minato use Sage Mode against Obito or Kurama?

Minato, a Hokage, father, and husband, finds himself in a difficult situation after the devastating attack on the Leaf Village. Minato must protect the village from the Nine-Tailed Beast, as well as his wife and son who are the targets of an ominous man (Obito). Even worse, he is separated from Kushina who is already at the death’s door. Minato never has enough time to balance his chakra and enter Sage Mode. Minato would prefer to end the fight quickly than drag it out. Minato would have defeated Obito if it weren’t for Hashirama’s cells that reside within Obito’s body.

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What is Minato’s ability to use Perfect Sage Mode during the war?

Minato is revived by White Zetsu during the Fourth Great Ninja War as a sacrifice. Because White Zetsu is Hashirama’s cell, it instantly grants Minato vitality as well as a few first Hokage abilities. Madara, for example, can only use Sage Jutsu even though he has never practiced the art of Sage Mode. This is because he has absorbed Hashirama’s chakra and cells. Minato, after the Reanimation Jutsu is a success, transcends all boundaries and can enter Sage Mode efficiently.

Minato, despite all of the advantages he has received from his new body, finds it difficult to keep his Sage Mode active in such a long battle. This proves his earlier claim to be true. Sage Mode, when used in ten-tail Jinchuuriki mode, is the most effective way to injure Madara or Obito. Minato looks much more normal than Jiraya due to Sage Mode. However, it is clear in the war that Sage Mode does not suit Minato as well as Naruto and Hashirama.

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