Early Leaver Issue in Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Resolved with Latest Hotfix Update

Respawn Entertainment issues an update for Apex Legends that will fix the problems associated with early leavers during the Team Deathmatch LTM.

Respawn Entertainment has issued a hotfix for Team Deathmatch Apex Legends. This LTM patch comes after players discovered the issue with early leaving. The launch of Team Deathmatch was supposed to be a highlight for Season 16 Apex Legends. But, it has proven to be very disappointing for many players.

Many players have been venting their frustrations on social media since the LTM was released in Apex Legends. Nobat211, a Reddit user, said they had played multiple matches in which players would leave when their team lost. This is just one example. Their Reddit posts have received more than 6K upvotes. Many Apex Legends players feel that early quitters ruin the fun of the mode. They also make it difficult to play and slow down what is meant to be a chaotic LTM. It was even worse that some players found out that matches were continued even after one of their teams had quit.

Respawn Entertainment released a hotfix in response to the community’s complaints. It improves Team Deathmatch Apex Legends. According to the developer, LTM games felt long so they have been cut to one round from the best of three. To compensate for the reduced rounds, the number required to win single-round mode has been increased by 30 to 50. It is worth noting, however, that the UI may not accurately reflect this reduction in rounds until a future upgrade.

It will certainly be interesting to see the impact of this change on Team Deathmatch as it develops. The shorter duration may prevent more players from leaving, but it may not be enough. Respawn informed us that they are planning to make further changes to the game’s mode. Based on the tweet of the developer, it appears that future quality-of-life improvements include ending matches when all members leave and introducing a penalty if someone leaves early, similar to what is found within the Control LTM for Apex Legends.

The Season 16 Apex Legends Marketing has shown that the Team Deathmatch Mode for Apex Legends was a major highlight of this update. This was especially so considering this was the first season without a Legend. Unfortunately, players are frustrated at the lack of early leavers for the new LTM. This is especially frustrating considering that this type of mode has been requested for quite some time. Respawn Entertainment will hopefully continue to adapt Team Deathmatch based on feedback from the community to make it all that fans wanted.

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