Maximizing the Thrills of God of War Ragnarök with New Game Plus Additions

With God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus feature just around the bend, here are the things gamers would like to see added.

God of War Ragnarok, which was released in November 2022, received great reviews. The Game Awards nominated it Game of the Year. According to a recent poll conducted by PlayStation, this sequel to 2018’s God of War reboot has been named the best PS5 gaming experience to date. While Ragnarok continues captivating the gaming world with its emotional storytelling, gritty fighting, and memorable characters it has also been anxiously awaiting the new New Game+ mode.

Sony Santa Monica has yet to divulge any specific details regarding Ragnarok’s future NG+. Nevertheless, there are several lessons to be learned from a review of the God of War NG+ mod. While many features are available and can be expected, some are not so important. There are still some highly-requested updates that players hope to see in Ragnarok via its Ng+.

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Cosmetics and Armor have become a highly-coveted feature

The most requested feature in God of War Ragnarok is the addition of new armor or cosmetics. This is because many players like to add their styles to Kratos/Atreus. Fans can expect this to happen in Ragnarok. Kratos received new armor sets and cosmetics from God of War.

The most wanted cosmetic for Ragnarok by cosmetic players is the fur cloak Kratos appears to be wearing at its beginning. Sony Santa Monica will most likely include this item with the update as it has been requested by players.

We would welcome new quests to the story

While the game’s main narrative plays a major role in the emotional appeal of the title, God of War Ragnarok’s side quests makes the game even more memorable. These side-quests do more than simply provide a break from the story. If an NG+ would add more of these quests, it would be a fantastic bonus for the players. Ragnarok sidequests have often been compared to Wild Hunt.

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More Berserker Gravestones or Muspelheim Trials Could Add to the Challenge

Similar to God of War Valkyrie’s Berserker Gravestones offer up some of the most formidable foes. Even experienced players will find it challenging. These gravestones will summon powerful Berserkers when touched. They also drop unique loot if they’re defeated. A greater number of Berserker Gravestones is not only an added challenge but also allows Ragnarok NG+ to introduce new armor, cosmetics, and other items into the game.

The Berserker Gravestones may not be the most difficult in the game. Some of Ragnarok‘s greatest enemies can be found in the Muspelheim Arena. Each Muspelheim Trial has a modifier that provides a variety of obstacles. The addition of new Muspelheim Trials (and the loot that goes with them) in NG+ would allow players to continue enjoying the God of War experience so many of them desire.

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A further improvement of gear could help players overcome greater difficulties

The God of War had an NG+ addition that was called higher difficulties. It consisted of modifiers that increased the difficulty and behavior of opponents throughout the game. This feature will likely be included with Ragnarok. This would allow players to upgrade their gear beyond its current Tier 9 cap. Sony Santa Monica may view this as a defeat of the purpose of higher levels of difficulty. However God of War Ragnarok makes it difficult already, so many players will appreciate the ability to enhance their gear.

New skills encourage new playstyles

God of War Ragnarok offers skill trees for each of its weapon weapons: the Leviathan Axes and Blades of Chaos. Freya can also be used as a companion to Freya. While it’s relatively simple for players to unlock all the skills and upgrade them, there is still a significant amount of wasted experience. Players could spend more time with the game’s NG+ to gain additional skills, encouraging them to explore different playstyles.

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