Incredibly Lifelike Last of Us Clicker Cake Featured in Cutting Video

The Last of Us enthusiast and cake decorator displays more of his stunning and almost alarmingly realistic cakes inspired by The Last of Us’ Clickers.

A Last of Us fan and professional cake decorating artist created this impressive and realistic Clicker cake. Clickers, one of The Final of U’s special infected types, is one of the most iconic enemies of the series. There have been many fan projects about Clickers over the years. Some were quite impressive and surprisingly realistic. However, the majority of those weren’t edible.

The Last of Us was released as a PlayStation 3-only exclusive in 2013. It was followed in 2020 with The Last of Us Part 2. Remakes will follow in 2022. The End of Us had an HBO adaptation of five episodes in its first season. After a mutant Cordyceps strain infects humans and turns them into zombie-like creatures, the series takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. It turns out that the fungus spores were first infected by contaminated flour. That makes the clicker cake strangely appropriate.

Ben Cullen is also known as Thebakeking on Instagram and TikTok. He recently created an amazing cake based on The Last Of Us’ clickers. Cullen previously uploaded a video of his process to create an edible version of the Most Horrible Monsters. Cullen recently uploaded a second clip in which he slices a piece of the amazing pastry and shows off its unnerving exterior.

Cullen starts the video by theatrically slicing The Last of Us fanart in the head. He continues, cutting out a decent-sized piece of artificial flesh. Cullen then holds Cullen’s Clicker wedge high up to the camera, showing the multi-layered cake that is inside its cranium. He turns the Clicker upside down so viewers can admire the fine details of the fungal “flowers” and the Clicker’s jaw.

The second video is a bit confusing for someone who didn’t see it. Cullen then starts cutting the cake. It may look more like a Hollywood-quality Mask of one of The Last of Us_ Clickers than something anyone might be able and able to eat. As TikTok comments show, this cake is made by a Last of Us fan. While that might seem like an insult to most cakes, in this case, it seems to be a successful mission.

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