10 Armin Cosplays from Attack on Titan That Look Like They Stepped Off the Screen

Armin was Eren’s childhood pal in Attack on Titan. Fans everywhere have reimagined him because they love it. Here are 10 awesome cosplays!

Armin is a childhood friend of Eren. He suffered the same struggles as Eren but he remained solid and calm. Armin is smart and savvy and he uncovered several secrets that lead to timely action as in the case of Annie and Reiner.

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He has now been given an additional boost from the Colossal Titan powers. Erwin’s life is dependent on his shoulders. It’s normal to think that an average person would behave in the same manner as Eren given the circumstances. The fans love him for being transparent and real. All over the world, people can cosplay him.

10 Nerdy Look

It’s just like Armin, the nerdy character from the anime. Mikasa and Eren have always been the fighters while Armin was the brains. He was the one who protected Eren when his titan power was discovered. Armin was the only rational of the people who feared Eren.

sorry cosplay appears to be in love with him and that’s the reason he designed this Armin cosplay with such precision. His jacket, his hair as well as everything else is spot on. He might be reading a book on tourism.

Nine Female Armin

Armin is the only one to have feminine features. He has a resemblance to Historia in appearance and is equally attracted to her. This characteristic allows female and male cosplayers to cosplay Historia. And sometimes the females pull it off better.

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In this case, LauzLanille is an actor who has cosplayed Armin to perfection. The wings in her jacket are perfect and her straps are properly placed. Her face already resembles Armin much All she needed was some makeup.

“8 Lost in His Thoughts”

As Armin hated conflict and wanted peace. All of them made him suffer like watching Eren dying. A childhood friend of his, who was the one he longed to travel around the world together, had passed away and there was no way to fix it. The man was in a shaky situation.

VicissiJuice represents the pain of Armin in his cosplay. He’s gazing at the sky, with a blank expression reminiscing about what he had lost on his trip. He could see the sea.

7 The Sadness Is Overwhelming He

Armin was a child who was optimistic with a lot of hopes and dreams. His life was a mess after the Titans breached Wall Maria. The Titans caused his grandfather to death, making him the last of his family. He wants to be happy and have a spring in his life, but the fall never ends.

fungus as well as many others was inspired by Armin. He is distracted by his thoughts while looking out the window. The autumnal shade of red represents the way he lives.

Have a Dream about the Ocean

Armin began out shy in his early days, shy, and weak. , he grew stronger during his training. He’s now involved in all activities that involve killing titans a majority of the time. Pollypwnz worked hard to make his costume stand out.

The mood and the setting of the movie are excellent regardless of the costumes. Armin appears exhausted from reading these books. They are probably from the world beyond the walls. And his long hairs stray from his original style, but look good nonetheless.

5 Ready To Kill Some Titans

Attack on Titan costumes is a tribute to fashion in real life. The straps serve a second reason for them aside from being cool. They are also used to support the ODM gear hooked onto them, and they help the user stay in a stable position. The designers didn’t just put in random things to make characters look cool.

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Francisco-the-bear did an outstanding job on this one. He got all the little aspects right and went into the wild to take this photo, which sets the scene.

Four Scared, But Concentrated

This is yet another example of a woman who cosplays Armin. Ranmaru-Mori has done an excellent job making this Armin cosplay. She also crafted the tricky ODM gear, so it appears realistic. The wires running through and around the gas cylinders gives us the impression that she could be using it in a matter of minutes.

The expression on her face is one of uncertainty and fear. Yet, she is composed to face the Titans. It’s like Armin was born.

3. Having Fun with Everyone

What’s better than Armin’s cosplay? A group cosplay of the Scouts. Yamato – Taichou claimed that the photos were taken at the castle of Sforza in Italy. It is reminiscent of the castle within the walls and creates the scene. Everyone is in a funny pose. Sasha always seems to be taking a bite of bread.

Reiner and Bertholdt for the first time have left Annie on her own. Levi prevented Mikasa from doing the house cleaning. Things were good this way until Annie started killing everyone.

2. The Complete Package

Armin can be cosplayed by wearing a white shirt, jeans, and a few straps. As seen in earlier entries. The process can take 2 to 3 hours. However, some people want to create a unique cosplay, as seen in this case. She was sure to include every detail, including his swords and ODM equipment.

She is entitled to be referred to as an Attack on Titan Fan.

1 Armin and his beloved horse

The one thing missing from all the cosplays earlier was the horse. It was a requirement that was met here. The cosplayer first had to make the costume. She then had to learn to ride a horse. It must have taken her about a month to learn this.

The work is paying off. Her coat is also brown, and the horse’s coat matches. Without a horse the scout is nothing.

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