One Piece Fan Theory: Did the Kozuki Clan Punish Zunesha in the Void Century?

Zunesha’s connection with Momonosuke suggests that there’s an ancestor connection between the two and the Kozuki Clan of the Void Century.

One Piece‘s inexplicably elusive mysteries don’t let fans determine the probable outcomes. Zunesha, another mystery in the series seems to have some relationship with Joy Boy. Joy Boy is a key figure that lived in the Void Century. In the “Zou” episode, Zunesha is helpless against Jack’s relentless pursuit and asks for someone’s permission to fight. The Beast Pirates seek to destroy Zunesha and eradicate the Mink tribe, a 1,000-year-old civilization. Jack goes beyond ruining the nation, he also returns to murder Zunesha and makes every trace of the Mink tribe disappear.

Even more concerning is the fact that Zunesha despite its size, is unable to take on the attackers. It says that it was punished by someone else for an abominable crime, and has been unable to do anything except wander for hundreds of years. It’s impossible to hear, except for Luffy, Momonosuke, and Kozuki Ode. After Momonosuke grants permission, Zunesha responds and defeats Jack. The events that transpire after the incident suggest that Zunesha’s fate must be tied to the Kozuki Clan.

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What Do Fans Know About Zunesha So far?

Zunesha is a Naitamie-Norida elephant, a species of gigantic elephant with legs that extend into the ocean floor. That is the reason Zunesha can stroll across the ocean. To date, Zunesha is the only animal shown in the series of this specific species. Apart from disproportionately long legs, they have two knee joints. Zunesha is a gifted eye that allows it to see faraway objects and places with absolute clarity. Contrary to his extraordinary vision, Zunesha has small eyes with turquoise-ringed Irises. Although the iris are difficult to spot due to the elephant’s sockets that are sunken the connection between its eyes and the eyes of Mihawk or Imu is apparent.

Zunesha’s skin is becoming extremely fragile because of its age. Jack can also inflict injuries on Zunesha’s legs with cannons because it’s so wrinkled. Although it is not known if this species is immortal however one thing is for sure: these elephants live well beyond 1,000 years. Zunesha has carried the Mink Tribe for more than a century. It is the oldest living creature of the series and its existence is longer than even the Void Century.

Zunesha stands over 35 km high and is the tallest character to be included in the show. Zunesha was a sea explorer for an unidentified crime and was unable to walk except when permitted to. Within the “Zou” arc, following gaining permission to fight with Momonosuke, Zunesha easily annihilates Jack’s fleet simply by swinging its huge trunk. Dr. Miyagi of the Mink Tribe wants to know where Zunesha is heading. He speculates that Zunesha has been walking for ages with a destination in his mind.

Additionally, it can communicate telepathically with those having the “Voice of All Things.” Although the range of Telepathy’s capabilities isn’t fully understood however, it’s certainly wide considering Zunesha’s ability to talk to Momonosuke in the “Wano Country”. Momonosuke has claimed that Zunesha was Joy Boy’s companion during the Void Century. Zunesha is a remembrance of Joy Boy even to this day and expresses its nostalgic feelings when Luffy’s Devil Fruit is awakened.

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What makes this theory appear plausible?

During the attack on Jack, both Luffy, and Momonosuke can hear Zunesha’s voice for the first time. Zunesha asking someone else to give her permission to fight hints that it does not matter who grants permission as long as it gets it. Momonosuke commands Zunesha to fight back. Luffy, however, is still trying to grasp everything. Additionally, Zunesha comes to Wano to help the Kozuki clan but is confronted by a large fleet of Marine battleships. Zunesha is then able to communicate with Momonosuke through the Voice of All Things, inquiring permission to fight his cause, and also to expand the boundaries of Wano.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit awakening Zunesha announces Joy Boy’s return to her and declares Joy Boy will be the “Warrior of Freedom.” Momonosuke and Zunesha continue to have a discussion about Wano after Kaido’s loss. The young shogun speculates that it is not the best time to open Wano’s borders. Zunesha accepts the decision of Momonosuke and leaves Wano, vanishing within the mist. All of these scenarios might seem like a few coincidences. However, Oda is known for never showing anything redundant. Zunesha’s capacity to travel this far for the Kozuki family is proof of a past relationship.

Zunesha However shows no animosity towards the person who took it to jail. Instead, it’s blamed for its crimes. Luffy and Momonosuke are the only two present characters to have heard Zunesha’s voice. It’s quite amazing that Momonosuke, Zunesha, and Luffy have an incredibly strong bond because Luffy is unable to communicate with Zunesha, the elephant. The fact that Luffy doesn’t command Zunesha to fight indicates that there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Even though Zunesha believes in Joy Boy in Luffy and has the utmost faith in Luffy but the two have yet to interact one-on-one in the show. Therefore, considering the past relationships, Zunesha is highly likely to serve its sentence with the help of someone from the Kozuki Clan — more specifically, the leader of the clan.

It is still a mystery that Zunesha is walking somewhere but the exact location isn’t known. The Kozuki Clan is shrouded in mystery and is believed to have played significant roles in the Void Century. It is possible that the Kozuki Clan, which existed over 800 years ago, speculated that an important event was likely to be happening in the future. It also leaves behind Poneglyphs that can be used to discover more about the past. Toki is also so intrigued by the future far away that she travels across time to experience that significant event. So, if the Kozuki Clan is really behind Zunesha’s punishment, it is much more likely that they have a place of origin and a future position for the massive elephant.

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