Why Anime Filler Is Always Better in Hindsight

While filler can be a problem while you wait for more canon material to come out, once a series is over, the anime-only material can still be enjoyed and appreciated.

The anime filler is usually viewed as the bane of anime fans’ existence. While it is well-known that anime use filler to extend a series’ run to make it catch up to the manga, it does not make the wait to see more canon material any easier. People just want to see the story continue and reach its natural conclusion.

These filler episodes are more appealing once the anime has finished. These filler episodes have more stories and more fans’ favorite characters do anything, from fighting each other to learning how to drive cars. Filler episodes and arcs are more enjoyable for the stories they tell, without the anticipation of the main story.

How is anime improved by filler?

Filler allows for many character interactions that aren’t possible in the manga. Naruto is an example of a filler episode. has the main character, going on missions along with the rest. In the canon story, Naruto was frequently rushed from one major arc to the next without much time for meaningful interactions. These episodes would be difficult to watch due to the amount of filler Naruto has, but they are now more enjoyable for strengthening the bonds between the characters.

Also, anime-exclusive fights are possible. For anyone who has ever wanted to see more than one character fight another, the filler can provide a good idea of how it would look like. Black Clover Episode 151, “The Maiden’s Challenge,” featured all the Captain-level Magic Knights engaging in a team battle similar to the ones seen at the Royal Knights Selection Exam. It was an interesting filler episode for intense fighting, and impressive animation. Bleach was similar in that it focused almost exclusively on fights between major characters, although through artificially made impostors. These fights can be entertaining even though the results may not be as accurate as they seem.

Some Filler arcs have compelling, self-contained plotlines which arguably exceed the source material. Many anime-only One Piece fans are shocked to learn that the G-8 Arc was filler and the Davy Back Fight Arc follows. The reason is that the first arc had characters and a story worthy of the manga, while the second arc felt largely like a waste. While Long Ring Long Land may have established many things, G-8 felt that it was closer to a real story arc.

Is it possible to have a time-wasting filler?

This is not to say that watching beloved characters do something inconsequential isn’t entertaining. This is a common occurrence in the Dragon Ball franchise. As thrilling as it is to see Piccolo and Goku battle evil androids, learning to drive can be just as entertaining. It can be entertaining to see Super-powered warriors engage in mundane activities, especially if they are likable characters.

It doesn’t matter how difficult anime filler can be to endure from week to week. But it is much easier to bear when all is said and done. It’s much easier to appreciate filler, and all the time it gave viewers to meet their favorite characters in stories that they haven’t heard. Although these self-contained stories can seem time-wasters while they air, once the series is over, it feels more valuable.

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