Dragon Ball: Yamcha’s Best Moments In The Anime

Although Yamcha is often dismissed as a joke, the Wolf Fang Fist master still enjoys many great moments during Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball is a series that’s full of memorable characters that anime fans will remember long after they’ve watched the numerous adaptations. From the powerful Saiyans, who play a key role in the story and their amazing transformations, to the many formidable villains who seem nigh unbeatable until the heroes find a way to increase their power, it’s clear that this series is filled to the brim full of iconic characters that have left an indelible mark on pop culture.

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Yamcha is a character on the show that has been somewhat ridiculed after being defeated repeatedly. Yamcha, the master of the Wolf Fang Fist, has many highlights in Dragon Ball. The most prominent of these are listed below.

1 Overcoming his Fear of Women

Most people are familiar with Yamcha’s role as a lady’s man in Dragon Ball Z. This is quite strange considering how he was introduced to the world in Dragon Ball. Yamcha is fighting Goku and is about to defeat the boy. His sight then falls on Bulma. This causes him to run away from the group as he is extremely shy around women.

He only realizes his fear after spending time with Bulma. Then he can be normal around women. He was able to have one of the most memorable relationships of the series thanks to Bulma.

2 His Tumultuous Relationship with Bulma

The relationship between Bulma and Yamcha is a key part of the story, right through to the end of the Android Saga when they split up. No matter how the story ends, it’s clear that the characters loved one another no matter how difficult.

The on-and-off relationship between Bulma, Yamcha, and Yamcha was entertaining. Some characters are happy that Bulma ended up with Vegeta. However, long-term fans of the series will miss the rollercoaster ride that was Bulma’s and Yamcha’s relationship.

3 Forging a long-lasting friendship with Tien

Tien is initially seen as an antagonistic character, who is quite cocky during World Martial Arts Tournament. He does beat Yamcha, and Goku but Master Roshi’s wise words helped him change his ways and become a valuable member of the group alongside Chiaotzu.

Tien apologizes to Yamcha and decides to put the hatchet to rest. The friendship that develops between the two fighters lasts throughout the entire series.

Four Falling Victims To A Self-Destructive Attack From A Saibaman

Yamcha’s fall from being a strong character to a joke began in Dragon Ball Z shortly after Vegeta and Nappa arrived on Earth. The rest of the Z Warriors had to stop Goku from gaining the Dragon Balls and taking over Earth while he was still recovering from his training.

Vegeta and Nappa use Saibamen to test their strength against the Z Warriors. Yamcha attempts to be bold and eliminate one of the henchmen but underestimates the power of the Saibamen and eventually succumbs to an attack by one of them. This moment, which is a hilarious reflection of how weak these creatures are, has been one of the most infamous in Dragon Ball history. It cemented Yamcha’s status as the weakest Z Warriors member.

5 Taking Goku to Kame House after The Saiyan Suffers a Heart Attack

Dragon Ball Z Yamcha isn’t a star, but he does have a few moments of glory in Dragon Ball Z . He becomes a punching bag and even gets impaled by Dr. Gero after he has had all his strength taken from him. however, Yamcha steps in to save the day when Goku begins feeling the debilitating effects of the heart virus he was warned about by Future Trunks.

Vegeta is determined to fight Android 19. Yamcha grabs Goku and takes him in his arms. He then flies all the way to Kame House, to help him recuperate. Many can argue that Goku would have died if Yamcha hadn’t taken him to safety and given him the medication he needed to save his life.

Six Single-Handedly Win An Intergalactic Game Of Baseball

Dragon Ball Super has put Yamcha on the sidelines, and his participation in major moments is very passive. He does however get his chance to shine when the show opts for a more comical approach.

Although he uses his baseball skills to win the game for Universe 7, the way he does it is hilarious. After Champa and Beerus have destroyed the ground, Yamcha takes a sacrifice of himself and scores the winning home run. He lies down in a familiar spot that is a throwback to the time he was subject to the self-destructive attack by a Saibaman.

7 People Are Snubbed By Universe 7’s Team for The Tournament Of Power

Yamcha assumes that Goku would ask him to join the team when he decided to gather people to participate in the Tournament of Power. Yamcha was aware he was not in his element so he confidently practiced his rejection speech before he made his decision.

It was quite funny when Goku completely ignored Yamcha and didn’t consider him an option. Yamcha was further insulted by the fact that Krilliin was also selected for this intergalactic tourney.

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